Liquid Deicer

deicer-11There are two basic types of deicers: solid and liquid deicer. Currently, solid deicers such as rock salt and calcium chloride are more popular with various brands and blends available on store shelves. These solid deicers are great solutions for clearing roads and preventing slipping accidents (due to increased traction control). Some disadvantages of certain solid deicers are possible damage to vegetation and concrete when over-applied and not used as directed. This is one reason why liquid deicer products are gaining increased attention.

Advantages of Liquid Deicer Products
Liquid deicer products are perceived to be more beneficial for a variety of reasons, with the most important being the following:

Quick Start Melting
The problem with solid deicers is that they first have to dissolve into brine before they can begin melting ice and snow. This is something you will not encounter with a liquid deicer since it is already in liquid form and will start melting ice immediately on contact.
Some users are concerned with the the consistency of liquid deicers, however liquid deicers generally retain their liquid form regardless of the season and temperature when stored properly in a tightly sealed container.

deicer-12No Residue
One of the primary problems consumers report with regards to the use of solid deicers is that they can leave an oily or powdery residue that is relatively difficult to clean. Liquid deicer products generally do not leave any residue. If there is any residue left, it usually acts as an anti-icing agent.

Liquid deicers are non-corrosive and are often produced with non-toxic ingredients. With the removal of any hazardous elements, they can be used generously without the possibility of negative effects on any nearby vegetation. Since they are produced with corrosion inhibitors, they are also preferred by environmentalists.

Using liquid deicer can be cost effective as it is able to cover a wider area and a larger amount of ice compared to rock salt alone. Although some brands often sell at a higher price, you can still find it at affordable rates. It is also considered ideal and effective for long-term use.
deicer-13Uses of Liquid Deicer There are three beneficial ways in which you can use a liquid deicer. They are as follows:
• Prevention (Anti-Icing)—you can apply a liquid deicer before snowfall to prevent the formation of ice and snow mounds.
• Pre-wet Treatment—if you prefer to use solid ice melters, you can use a liquid deicer as a pre-wet treatment. By applying it on the area where the ice melter will be used the melting process will be accelerated, allowing you to save both time and money.
• Deicing after Snowfall—you can use liquid deicers as your sole ice and snow melting solution.

More and more people are discovering the advantages of a liquid deicer. Why not give it a try today?